Gianluigi Mazza

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Six Pinus pinea stands growing under the Mediterranean type climate in Italy along the Tyrrhenian and Sardinian coasts. To identify the main climatic factors driving variability in growth responses to contrasting climate conditions at local and regional scales using tree-ring analysis. Common growth patterns in tree rings were explored with clustering(More)
This research was conducted in a 62-year-old stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) forest within the National Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast, Italy. Net under-canopy precipitation was measured between September 2004 and December 2008 in a unthinned and a thinned area of about 1 ha each. The goals were to document and compare net under-canopy rainfall (throughfall(More)
A dendroclimatic analysis was used to assess the climate-growth relationships of Abies alba Mill. over the last century in marginal populations of Central Italy. Tree-ring cores were collected in five mixed silver fir forests at low and high-elevation sites of the Apennines range in Tuscany and Marches. Regular and moving correlations functions were applied(More)
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