Gianluca Verona Rinati

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PURPOSE The aim of the present work was to evaluate small field size output factors (OFs) using the latest diamond detector commercially available, PTW-60019 microDiamond, over different CyberKnife systems. OFs were measured also by silicon detectors routinely used by each center, considered as reference. METHODS Five Italian CyberKnife centers performed(More)
PURPOSE New promising detectors are available for measuring small field size output factors (OFs). This study focused on a multicenter evaluation of two new generation detectors for OF measurements on CyberKnife systems. METHODS PTW-60019 microDiamond and W1 plastic scintillation detector (PSD) were used to measure OFs on eight CyberKnife units of various(More)
Investigations of emission of harmonics from argon gas jet irradiated by 700 fs, 5 mJ pulses from a KrF laser are presented. Harmonics conversion was optimized by varying the experimental geometry and the nozzle size. For the collection of the harmonic radiation silicon and solar-blind diamond semiconductor detectors equipped with charge preamplifiers were(More)
Artificial crystal diamond neutron detectors are under test at JET tokamak since 2003 and they have demonstrated to be reliable and stable as well as to withstand the harsh working condition available in a large tokamak. Up to now they were used to measure the total and time dependent neutron emission while neutron spectroscopy was never attempted. On the(More)
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