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As ICT services are becoming more ubiquitous and mobile and access technologies grow to be more heterogeneous and complex, we are witnessing the increasing importance of two related needs: (i) users need to be able to configure and per-sonalize their services with minimal effort; (ii) operators desire to engineer and manage their networks easily and(More)
This paper shows a novel self-organizing approach for routing datagrams in ad hoc networks, called Distributed Ant Routing (DAR). This approach belongs to the class of routing algorithms inspired by the behavior of the ant colonies in locating and storing food. The effectiveness of the heuristic algorithm is supported by mathematical proofs and demonstrated(More)
This paper presents a software platform, named BiNS2, able to simulate diffusion-based molecular communications with drift inside blood vessels. The contribution of the paper is twofold. First a detailed description of the simulator is given, under the software engineering point of view, by highlighting the innovations and optimizations introduced. Their(More)
This paper shows an autonomic management solution based on the recently defined programmable node architecture NetServ. The paper starts with a general description of the classical network management requirements and their adaptation to the expected network evolution. After a description of the major issues characterizing the management of the expected(More)
—In this paper, we propose an off-path extension of the IETF Next Steps in Signaling (NSIS) protocol suite. Our proposal updates the NSIS transport layer. This way, the design of an NSIS-compliant application can leverage it without having to deal with low level signaling transport issues. In particular, we propose an extension of the General Internet(More)
—This letter proposes a new architectural solution for service creation in JSLEE-compliant platforms, where service business logic can be separated by implementation issues and designed by non JSLEE experts. The novelty consists of integrating a workflow engine inside the development environment of the JSLEE platform, thus allowing simplified management in(More)