Gianluca Ramunno

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Serdar Cabuk a, Chris I. Dalton a, Konrad Eriksson b, Dirk Kuhlmann a, HariGovind V. Ramasamy c, Gianluca Ramunno d, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi e, Matthias Schunter b and Christian Stüble f a Hewlett–Packard Labs, Bristol, UK E-mails:, {cid,dirk.kuhlmann} b IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, Switzerland E-mails:(More)
Security breaches on the Internet rarely involve compromising secure channels - typically based on protocols like Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) - because communication endpoints are much easier to compromise. Recent approaches aiming to solve this problem rely on the TLS protocol to additionally provide integrity(More)
Virtualization of computers enables a wide variety of applications ranging from server consolidation to secure sandboxing of malicious content. Today, lack of security of virtual machines is a major obstacle for broad adoption of virtual machine technology. We address this obstacle by an open architecture that adds scalable trusted computing concepts to a(More)
A Trusted Virtual Domain (TVD) is a coalition of virtual machines and resources (e.g., network, storage) that are distributed over multiple physical platforms and share a common security policy. The concept of TVDs and their usage scenarios have been studied extensively. However, details on certain implementation aspects have not been explored in depth yet,(More)
Among the problems of binary remote attestation, scalability has often been mentioned in literature because a verifier must know all possible measurements considered acceptable. In this paper, we show that scalability is a manageable issue when attesting a Linux distribution. The main issues remain identifying, with low time impact, the scripts executed,(More)
Even though the theory behind digital signatures is fully understood and the related cryptographic methods have proved the efficiency in deploying security services, concrete application of digital signature to real electronic documents is still hindered by the lack of standards. In particular, we lack standards for the format of the data to be signed, the(More)