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BACKGROUND Although human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) has been implicated in coronary restenosis, data on the presence of HCMV in the restenosis lesion of the internal carotid artery (ICA) are lacking. SUMMARY OF REPORT We studied endarterectomy tissue from 5 ICA restenosis and 5 primary atherosclerotic lesions and tissue from 5 normal ICAs. The extracted DNA(More)
BACKGROUND Prophylaxis with oral Granisetron was assessed in patients undergoing fluorescein angiography (FAG) in order to evaluate its efficacy in reducing patients' discomfort due to nausea and vomiting (4% > 20%) and to ensure completion of the investigation. EXPERIMENTAL PLAN Multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, with a(More)
Purpose. Evaluation of the short implant (8 mm in height) long-term prognosis and of the implant site influence on the prognosis. Methods. A longitudinal study was carried out on 121 patients (57 males and 64 females) consecutively treated with 257 implants. 108 implants were short. Results. Four (3.6%) short implants supporting fixed partial prostheses(More)
A polymerase chain reaction method has been developed which allows the simultaneous detection of the majority of clinically relevant HPV types. Degenerate HPV-specific primers direct the one-step amplification of a DNA region spanning E1 and E7 genes. This enables an immediate distinction between the two groups of papillomaviruses, characterized by high or(More)
Diego Lops, Eriberto Bressan, Gianluca Pisoni, Niccolò Cea, Boris Corazza, and Eugenio Romeo 1 Department of Prosthodontics, S. Paul Hospital Dental Clinic, School of Dentistry, University of Milan, 20142 Milan, Italy 2 Department of Implant Dentistry, Padova University Institute of Clinical Dentistry, 35020 Padova, Italy 3 Department of Implant Dentistry,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to verify the reliability of a system for the fixed retention of complete maxillary prostheses supported by four implants with a follow-up of 2 years. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients were treated between September 2009 and December 2010 with four Straumann Bone Level SLActive implants supporting a complete prosthesis (CPs).(More)
Virus-associated DNA polymerase activity has recently been proposed for the detection of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in urine, a method that should allow rapid and quantitative determination of the viral load. In this report, the virus-associated DNA polymerase activity recovered from the urine of a group of patients shedding HCMV was measured using a(More)
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