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Purpose 1 This foresight exercise was conducted as part of the CROSSROAD Project – A Participative Roadmap for ICT Research on Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling, a FP7 Support Action that aimed to provide strategic direction, define a shared vision, and inspire collaborative, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder research in the domain. This(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relation between Governance and Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and its implications for policy design in a period of global turbulence and uncertainty. After briefly introducing some of the challenges characterizing the building of an "ICT-enabled Knowledge-Society", and the implications of(More)
In the European academic and institutional debate, interoperability is predominantly seen as a means to enable public administrations to collaborate within Members State and across borders. The article presents a conceptual framework for ICT-enabled governance and analyses the role of interoperability in this regard. The article makes a specific reference(More)
The paper outlines a set of proposed visionary scenarios on how governance and policy modelling could develop by 2030. These scenarios have been designed through a foresight exercise conducted by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) as part of the CROSSROAD Project, a support action of the European Commission 7th Framework Programme.(More)
The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the EC IPTS' Mission: " to provide customer-driven support to the EU policy-making process by researching science-based responses to policy challenges that have both a socioeconomic as well as a scientific or technological dimension " EUROCITIES: the network of major European cities bringing(More)