Gianluca Meloni

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A modular photonic interconnection network based on a combination of basic 2x2 all-optical nodes is presented. The proposed architecture is synchronous, can operate up to 160Gb/s and exhibits self-routing capability and very low switching latency. 1. Introduction In the field of high-performance computing systems, current electronic interconnection networks(More)
An advanced PCE architecture, exploiting novel PCEP extensions for flexible-grid optical networks, is proposed and experimentally validated with dynamic frequency slot assignment and format adaptation from DP-16QAM to DP-QPSK at 100Gb/s. 1. Introduction Emerging flexible wavelength switched optical networks (WSONs) are expected to provide significant(More)
An experimental demonstration of active stateful PCE for flexgrid networks is presented. The PCE enables elastic operations on established connections and, when required, performs hitless defragmentation of spectrum resources. Experimental assessment, including shifting of 400Gbps four sub-carrier superchannel is shown.
—Enhanced-SSFM digital backpropagation (DBP) is experimentally demonstrated and compared to conventional DBP. A 112 Gb/s PM-QPSK signal is transmitted over a 3200 km dispersion-unmanaged link. The intradyne coherent receiver includes single-step digital backpropagation based on the enhanced-SSFM algorithm. In comparison, conventional DBP requires twenty(More)
—In flexi-grid optical networks, effective defragmenta-tion (i.e., re-optimization) solutions are required to efficiently exploit network spectrum resources. However, current defragmen-tation solutions can only be implemented thanks to the presence of additional resources, such as spare extensive transponders. In this study, focusing on optically-amplified(More)
The operation of multi-domain and multi-vendor EONs can be achieved by interoperable Sliceable Bandwidth Variable Transponders, a GMPLS / BGP-LS-based control plane and a planning tool. This paper reports the first full demonstration and validation this end-to-end architecture. Introduction Elastic Optical Networks (EONs) are envisioned as the base of next(More)