Gianluca Martelloni

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In this paper we present a discrete dynamical population modeling of invasive species, with reference to the swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii. Since this species can cause environmental damage of various kinds, it is necessary to evaluate its expected in not yet infested areas. A structured discrete model is built, taking into account all biological(More)
We present here a general method for modelling the dynamics of battles among social animals. The proposed method exploits the procedures widely used to model chemical reactions, but still uncommon in behavioural studies. We applied this methodology to the interpretation of experimental observations of battles between two species of ants (Lasius neglectus(More)
We propose two modeling approaches to describe the dynamics of ant battles, starting from laboratory experiments on the behavior of two ant species, the invasive Lasius neglectus and the authocthonus Lasius paralienus. This work is mainly motivated by the need to have realistic models to predict the interaction dynamics of invasive species. The two(More)
A new graphical user interface (GUI) for preprocessing reflectance spectra, built using MATLAB and expressly designed for the ASD FieldSpec® spectroradiometer, was developed to solve problems that generally affect experimental ASD data. The GUI is characterised by an easily readable, graphic visualisation of spectra, from which the absorption band depth(More)
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