Gianluca Lax

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In new generation social networks, we expect that the paradigm of Social Internetworking Systems (SISs) will become progressively more important. Indeed, the possibility of interconnecting users and resources of different social networks enables a lot of strategic applications whose main strength is the integration of different communities that nevertheless(More)
Distinct social networks are interconnected via bridge users, who play thus a key role when crossing information is investigated in the context of Social Internetworking analysis. Unfortunately, not always users make their role of bridge explicit by specifying the so-called me edge (i.e., the edge connecting the accounts of the same user in two distinct(More)
The rapid development of the number and the size of Online Social Network (OSNs) makes the analysis of Social Internetworking Scenarios (SIS’s) extremely challenging. In a SIS, a user can join multiple OSNs and two users can interact with each other even though they joined different OSNs and did not know each other. While OSNs have been extensively studied(More)
Histograms are used to summarize the contents of relations into a number of buckets for the estimation of query result sizes. Several techniques have been proposed in the past for determining bucket boundaries which provide accurate estimations. However, while search strategies for optimal bucket boundaries are rather sophisticated, no much attention has(More)
Designing applications for supporting the user activity on accessing Web information sources is one of the most appealing challenges for researchers in the area of Artificial Intelligence. In this paper we design an agent capable of both creating and managing the profile of a user as well as of exploiting it for discovering navigation paths potentially(More)
In new generation social networks, we expect that the paradigm of Social Internetworking Systems (SISs, for short) will be more and more important. In this new scenario, the role of Social Network Analysis is of course still crucial but the preliminary step to do is designing a good way to crawl the underlying graph. While this aspect has been deeply(More)
0169-023X/$ see front matter 2008 Elsevier B.V doi:10.1016/j.datak.2008.08.004 * Corresponding authors. E-mail addresses: (M. Fugin 1 This work has been partially funded by the Italia Future complex architectures for Web-Services-based delivery of services and objects require applications able to deal with different levels of Quality(More)