Gianluca Guidoni

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In the basic treatment of 25 cases of classic or ARA defined rheumatoid arthritis, Tiopronin (alpha-mercaptopropionylglycine) was used for one year. The results obtained showed its therapeutic efficacy, as proven by the remission or improvement in humoral indexes of phlogosis and the suspension or dose reduction of steroid drugs and/or FANS in a high(More)
The foundation of the modern life is based on energy generation. As metropolitan regions have become over time more populous, private and public companies have started to research renewable energy sources. In order to follow such demand new computer techniques have had to be developed. This paper presents a framework, SolarEnergy, which aims to assist the(More)
This paper evaluates the interference impact of UWB power controlled systems, classified as secondary services, against some narrowband radiosystems, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Point-to-Point (PP) and Fixed Satellite Service (FSS), embedded in a square sprawl of randomly distributed UWB devices. This study on the radio-coexistence accounts for various(More)
Forty patients affected by various rheumatic disorders (mainly osteoarthritis) were treated with flurbiprofen (300 mg daily) or diclofenac (200 mg daily) in a two-week, parallel group, randomized trial. Both drugs were clinically effective in all the parameters except for fingertip-to-floor distance and ESR. Flurbiprofen proved to be more effective than(More)
With the diffusion of wireless connections to Internet the number of complex operations carried out from mobile users is increasing. To cope with bandwidth limitations and with disconnections, data caching is the most used technique. However for complex operation like dynamic searching a better solution is to take advantage of the multi channel property(More)
Ultra Wide Bandwidth (UWB) spread-spectrum techniques will play a key role in short range wireless connectivity supporting high bit rates availability and low power consumption. UWB can be used in the design of wireless local and personal area networks providing advanced integrated multimedia services to nomadic users within hotspot areas. Thus the(More)