Gianluca Elli

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Ascorbate is oxidized to the free radical monodehydroascorbate by O2.- and by H2O2 (through the action of ascorbate peroxidase) formed in the Mehler reaction by isolated spinach (Spinacia oleracea) thylakoids. Light-dependent electron transport from water to monodehydroascorbate is shown to be coupled to ATP formation with a ratio ATP:O2 of 2. In the(More)
One of the strains of the marine green alga Ostreobium sp. possesses an exceptionally large number of long wavelength absorbing chlorophylls (P. Haldall, Biol. Bull. 134, 1968, 411-424) as evident from a distinct shoulder in the absorption spectrum at around 710 nm while in the other strain this shoulder is absent. Therefore, Ostreobium offers a unique(More)
The spectral characteristics of fluorescence quenching by open reaction centres in isolated Photosystem II membranes were determined with very high resolution and analysed. Quenching due to photochemistry is maximal near 687 nm, minimal in the chlorophyll b emission interval and displays a distinctive structure around 670 nm. The amplitude of this(More)
Tumors derived from a hormonal target organ are assumed to be stimulated by the same hormone that stimulates the normal target tissue. In spite of attempts to acquire direct indications of a correlation between hormones and cancer, none have been definitive because studies of total and free hormone levels have given contradictory results. For this reason,(More)
Ticlopidine, a new antithrombotic agent, and theophylline, a widely used bronchodilator drug, are both almost completely metabolized in the liver. To evaluate an interaction between these two drugs, we studied theophylline pharmacokinetics before, after 10 days of ticlopidine administration, and 1 month later in 10 healthy volunteers. We found a highly(More)
Nine synthetic, biosynthetic and natural tyrosine melanins, together with dopa and catechol melanins, have been studied by means of laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry. The results obtained have shown that all the melanins under study consist of homogeneous sets of oligomers and have led to definitive information on their molecular weight(More)
When isolated, stroma-free thylakoids are illuminated in the presence of ADP and orthophosphate in the absence of any electron acceptor except O2, the addition of ascorbate stimulates electron transport through the formation of the radical monodehydroascorbate and the coupled synthesis of ATP (G. Forti and G. Elli [1995] Plant Physiol 109: 1207-1211). The(More)
Various biosynthetic melanins obtained by enzymic oxidation of serotonin with polyphenol oxidase from Psalliota campestris mushroom or potato, and with tyrosinase from Sepia officinalis or from Sigma were studied by means of laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry. Various oligomeric clusters were evidenced, proving that the examined melanins are(More)
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