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Semi-synthetic cephalosporins are synthesized from the 7-amino cephalosporanic acid (7-ACA) nucleus produced from the antibiotic cephalosporin C (CephC). In recent years, a single-step enzymatic process in which CephC is directly converted into 7-ACA by a cephalosporin C acylase (CA) has attracted industrial interest because of the prospects of simplifying(More)
The use of mammography for early detection of breast cancer showed an increased detection of non-palpable breast-lesions (NPBL). The authors evaluate the radiologic findings, the biological factors and the surgical approach, trough the personal experience and the literature, for a correct treatment of these lesions.
In this work, the authors have pointed out the role of xeroradiography in the diagnostic assessment of joint disorders associated to dystrophic microcalcifications (gout, pseudogout, acute calcific periarthritis). Within this class of pathology, the physical and technical characteristics of xeroradiography imaging (side-effect; showing of details; wide(More)
There are not complete consensus if mammographically guided FNABs of nonpalpable breast lesions can replace open biopsy. To elucidate this problem, we have reviewed the efficacy of stereotactic FNAB in a series of 502 cases of nonpalpable lesions observed in a period from 1990 to 1994, with a immediate cytologic control of adequacy of material. In 144(More)
Bis-1-aminomethylnaphthalenes constitute a new type of molecule with antineoplastic activity. As a first approach to determine the action mechanism, the interaction degree of these compounds and some less active analogous, with calf thymus DNA, by UV spectrophotometry, and the redox performance by cyclic voltammetry was correlated with their activity on(More)
The industrial production of higher-generation semisynthetic cephalosporins starts from 7-aminocephalosporanic acid (7-ACA), which is obtained by deacylation of the naturally occurring antibiotic cephalosporin C (CephC). The enzymatic process in which CephC is directly converted into 7-ACA by a cephalosporin C acylase has attracted industrial interest(More)
A number of antineoplastic agents including procarbazine and bisantrene derive from hydrazine, but so far none have been developed from semicarbazide. In order to assay active minimal structures, thirteen new compounds were prepared by replacing hydrogen atoms in semicarbazone amine group by alkylamine moieties, employing an improved procedure. DNA binding(More)
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