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Impaired gastric motility ascribable to a defective nitric oxide (NO) production has been reported in dystrophic (mdx) mice. Since relaxin upregulates NO biosynthesis, its effects on the motor(More)
Caveolin (Cav)-1 is an integral membrane protein of caveolae playing a crucial role in various signal transduction pathways. Caveolae represent the sites for calcium entry and storage especially in(More)
BACKGROUND Otilonium bromide (OB) is a quaternary ammonium derivative used for the treatment of intestinal hypermotility and is endowed with neurokinin2 receptor (NK2r) antagonist and Ca²⁺ channel(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed gastric emptying in diabetic mice and humans is associated with changes in macrophage phenotype and loss of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) in the gastric muscle layers. In(More)