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It is common practice to hospitalize patients with chest pain for a period of observation and to perform further diagnostic evaluation such as exercise treadmill testing (ETT) once acute myocardial infarction (AMI) has been excluded. This study evaluates the safety and efficacy of immediate ETT for patients admitted to the hospital with acute chest pain.(More)
Single- and multiple-administration trials in rats were performed in this study to assess the serum and tissue concentrations of SPK-843 (N-dimethylaminoacetyl-partricin A 2-dimethylaminoethylamide diascorbate), a new polyene antibiotic with a heptaene structure. A dose of 1.25 mg/kg (roughly 1 mg/kg of free base) by intravenous route was used both for the(More)
The main goal of hormonotherapy in management of locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer is the control over the progression of the neoplastic disease rather than a possible benefit to the primary lesion. Nevertheless during hormonal treatment an evident decrease of prostatic volume can often be noted even though its clinical meaning has rarely been(More)
The paper describes a case of light-cell carcinoma of the kidney in a patient affected by hairy-cell leukemia. The immunological status is assessed revealing a severe deficit of NK phenotype lymphocytes. Therapy with alpha interferon was proposed in order to stimulate killing and recruitment processes of new NK cells.
Pharmacokinetics of a new semisynthetic polyene antibiotic (N-dimethylaminoacetyl-partricin A 2-dimethylaminoethylamide) in the form of its diaspartate salt (code SPA-S-753) was studied in rats and mice following intravenous injection and in rats following oral administration at different dose levels. In rats the urinary and biliary recovery after(More)