Gianluca Buffa

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Evidence supporting the use of lithium in the long-term care of bipolar disorder patients is unequaled; fluctuations of lithium (Li) plasma concentration, however, are associated with side effects at peak, and symptomatic states at trough, Li plasma levels. Slow release preparations represent a means of maintaining stable Li plasma levels and thereby: [1](More)
The main aims of our Lithium Centre, which has been operating since 1985, are as follows: 1. the treatment of affective disorders and particularly the recurrent ones; 2. the emphasis of the Li-ratio as a predictive index of therapeutic effects on the one hand, and of the appearance of side effects on the other hand; 3. the prevention and pharmacological(More)
e20693 Background: The waiting room is one of the most emotional place in oncological divisions; indeed, it's presumed that the waiting moment makes increase thoughts most related to the experience of disease and its treatment, making them sometimes unbearable. At present, any evaluation of the emotional states in the waiting room doesn't exist, therefore(More)
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