Gianluca Boiero

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This paper presents an overview of the BRAHMS and GEOCAST projects and focuses on the security aspects of both projects. An overview of IPSEC and its variation called multi layer IPSEC is presented together with an overview of secure multicast key distribution architectures such as Logical Key Hierarchy. Finally the paper proposes an interworking solution(More)
The paper presents the requirements and the solution developed by the IST-BRAHMS Project for the introduction of an IPSec scenario in a generic Broadband Satellite Multimedia system. The guideline of the proposed Multi-Layer IPSec methodology is discussed with specific reference to the characteristics of the generic satellite network architecture addressed(More)
Paper will give a systematic idea of finding out pen drive location with the help of mobile GPS. It will require a circuit-containing sensor will give position in terms of latitude and longitude. Now place Barcode on the pen drive so that pen drive will have certain number is used to identify that pen drive. Barcode placed on that pen drive is read using(More)
Identification and authentication procedures are really important aspects when talking about payments. Nowadays, credit and debit cards are the target for thieves since they can be easily cloned. One of the main fraud sources is represented by the Point Of Sale, the well-known POS. The paper describes an innovative payment system studied, developed and(More)
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