Gianluca Bartoli

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BACKGROUND The identification of early-stage colorectal cancer (CRC) with high risk of progression is one major clinical challenge, mainly due to lack of validated biomarkers. The aims of the present study were to analyze the prognostic impact of three molecular markers belonging to the ion channels and transporters family: the ether-à-go-go-related gene 1(More)
The trinuclear platinum cluster [Pt3(μ-PBu(t)2)3(CO)3]CF3SO3 (I) was designed featuring the presence of a nearly equilateral platinum triangle bridged by three di-tert-butylphosphide ligands; in addition, each platinum center bears a terminal carbonyl ligand. This triplatinum cluster was initially developed in view of applications in the field of(More)
The dibromido analogue of cisplatin, cis-PtBr2(NH3)2 (cisPtBr2 hereafter), has been prepared and characterised. Its solution behaviour in standard phosphate buffer, at pH 7.4, was investigated spectrophotometrically and found to reproduce quite closely that of cisplatin; indeed, progressive sequential release of the two halide ligands typically occurs as in(More)