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A consumption-based approach to environmental Kuznets curves using the ecological footprint indicator
Recent research suggests that consumption-based measures offer an insightful perspective on the debate on the relationship between economic growth and the environment. In this article we deepen theExpand
The Human Sustainable Development Index: New calculations and a first critical analysis
The Human Sustainable Development Index (HSDI) has been proposed as a way to amend the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI) by adding an environmental dimension. Despite some attention inExpand
Trust and Partner Selection in Social Networks: An Experimentally Grounded Model
This article investigates the importance of the endogenous selection of partners for trust and cooperation in market exchange situations, where there is information asymmetry between investors and trustees. Expand
The Evolution of Trust in Non-Simultaneous Exchange Situations
Trust is an important concept that intersects a number of different disciplines, including economics, sociology, and political science, and maintains some meaning even in the natural sciences. AnyExpand
Social Capital , a Multidimensional Concept
There is little doubt that the concept of social capital represents a useful tool for many social sciences. Nevertheless, its use in broad domains and in different disciplines could lead in weak and,Expand
Voluntary contribution to public goods in mutual-help forums: reciprocity or group attachment?
This paper studies the provision of public goods in open-source software support forums. Data from the Italian TeX Users Group were analysed to find individual motives for offering help. Using thisExpand
The effect of publishing peer review reports on referee behavior in five scholarly journals
To increase transparency in science, some scholarly journals are publishing peer review reports. But it is unclear how this practice affects the peer review process. Here, we examine the effect ofExpand
Alternative scenarios of green consumption in Italy: An empirically grounded model
We explored the effect of a price increase for high impact goods and services (e.g., because of the introduction carbon taxes) and of a change of agents' environmental concern. Expand
Agents’ beliefs and the evolution of institutions for common-pool resource management
The joint exploitation of open-access natural resources is often modeled as a social dilemma with no escape for rational actors. Nevertheless, real individuals are not helplessly trapped in thisExpand