Giang Nguyen

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Researchers have proposed many wireless MAC protocols such as [20], [8], [25], [24], [6], and [17] which exploit frequency-agile radios and multiple available channels to increase network through-put. These protocols usually only require each node to have one radio. By carefully coordinating the frequency hopping of different nodes, different node pairs can(More)
In this paper we discuss a the support of users in adding spatial information semi-automatically to annotations of images. Descriptions of objects depicted in an image are extended with information about the position of those objects. We distinguish two types of spatial concepts: absolute positions of objects (e.g., east, west) and relative spatial(More)
Sensor network applications tend to exhibit significant high-level commonalities along several major dimensions that have heretofore been underexposed, particularly in the areas of collection and dissemination. We have developed a component library, sdlib, which presents the fundamental abstractions of collection and dissemination as part of a dataflow(More)
This paper presents VISTA, a new methodology and tool dedicated to analyse system level performance by executing full-scale SW application code on a transaction-level model of the SoC platform. The SoC provider provides a cycle-accurate functional model of the SoC architecture using the basic SystemC Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) components provided by(More)
Increasing evidence links genomic and epigenomic instability, including multiple fragile sites regions to neuropsychiatric diseases including schizophrenia and autism. Cancer is the only other disease associated with multiple fragile site regions, and genome and epigenomic instability is a characteristic of cancer. Research on cancer is far more advanced(More)
Erasable itemset mining first introduced in 2009 is an interesting variation of pattern mining. The managers can use the erasable itemsets for planning production plan of the factory. Besides the problem of mining erasable itemsets, the problem of mining top-rank-k erasable itemsets is an interesting and practical problem. In this paper, we first propose a(More)
BACKGROUND Socioeconomic inequalities in smoking habits have stabilized in many Western countries. This study aimed at evaluating whether socioeconomic disparities in smoking habits are still enlarging in Italy and at comparing the impact of education and occupation. METHODS In the frame of the GEIRD study (Gene Environment Interactions in Respiratory(More)
We describe Monte Carlo algorithms to solve elliptic partial differential equations with piecewise constant diffusion coefficients and general boundary conditions including Robin and transmission conditions as well as a damping term. The treatment of the boundary conditions is done via stochastic finite differences techniques which possess an higher order(More)
Cloud computing took a step forward in the efficient use of hardware through virtualization technology. And as a result, cloud brings evident benefits for both users and providers. While users can acquire computational resources on-demand elastically, cloud vendors can also utilize maximally the investment costs for data centers infrastructure. In the(More)