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Octyl glucoside-extracted rabbit renal brush-border membrane (BBM) proteins were sequentially fractionated using anion exchange chromatography, and the fractions were tested for Na(+)-H+ exchange activity, amiloride sensitivity, and the effect of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP)-dependent protein kinase (PKA) after reconstitution into artificial(More)
Prior studies indicate that cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) and calcium calmodulin-dependent multifunctional protein kinase II (CaM-KII) inhibit Na(+)-H+ exchanger as assayed in octyl glucoside solubilized rabbit renal brush border membrane proteins reconstituted into artificial lipid vesicles. An anion exchange chromatography fraction of these proteins(More)
This paper reviews the first challenge on single image super-resolution (restoration of rich details in an low resolution image) with focus on proposed solutions and results. A new DIVerse 2K resolution image dataset (DIV2K) was employed. The challenge had 6 competitions divided into 2 tracks with 3 magnification factors each. Track 1 employed the standard(More)
We propose a contextual framework for 2D image matching and registration using an ensemble feature. Our system is beneficial for registering image pairs that have captured the same scene but have large visual discrepancies between them. It is common to encounter challenging visual variations in image sets with artistic rendering differences or in those(More)
In the event of natural or man-made disasters, many videos may be collected by civilians and surveillance cameras that can be extremely useful for first responders trying to ascertain the extent of the damage. However, watching and analyzing numerous videos on separate screens can be a cumbersome task. Registering a set of 2D videos with a 3D model can(More)
Registering 2D and 3D data is a rapidly growing research area. Motivating much of this work is the fact that 3D range scans and 2D imagery provide different, but complementing information about the same subject. Combining these two perspectives leads to the creation of accurate 3D models that are texture mapped with high resolution color information.(More)
On irradiation in the presence of Fe(CO)(5) under a CO atmosphere, the alkenyl cyclopropane 2 underwent smooth ring expansion to give the sesquiterpene (-)-delobabone 3. The alkenyl cyclopropane 2 was prepared from the enantiomerically enriched epoxide 1.
Matching and aligning architectural imagery is an important step for many applications but can be a difficult task due to repetitive elements often present in buildings. Many keypoint descriptor and matching methods will fail to produce distinctive descriptors for each region of man-made structures, which causes ambiguity when attempting to match areas(More)
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