Gianfranco Zuaboni

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BACKGROUND Facing frequent stigma and discrimination, many people with mental illness have to choose between secrecy and disclosure in different settings. Coming Out Proud (COP), a 3-week peer-led group intervention, offers support in this domain in order to reduce stigma's negative impact. AIMS To examine COP's efficacy to reduce negative stigma-related(More)
In mental health nursing, recovery-orientation is regarded as a best practice approach for patient care. To assess the effect of an intervention utilising a recovery-oriented approach in acute practice, a controlled pilot trial was conducted. On intervention wards, mental health nurses received special training. Recovery Self-Assessment Scale was used to(More)
AIMS Informal coercion is a frequently used form of communication among mental health professionals to influence treatment outcomes. This study investigates the recognition, attitude, and application of different forms of informal coercion by mental health professionals. METHODS Mental health professionals of five psychiatric institutions in Germany and(More)
Address: 1University Bern Psychiatric Services, Nursing and Social Education Research Unit, Bolligenstrasse 111, CH-3000 Bern 60, Switzerland, 2St. Pirminsberg Klinik für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Suchtbehandlung, Klosterweg, CH-7312 Pfäfers, Switzerland, 3Sanatorium Kilchberg Psychiatrische Privatklinik, Alte Landstrasse 70-84, CH-8802 Kilchberg,(More)
BACKGROUND The recovery approach is becoming increasingly important in mental health services and research. In English-speaking countries, its practical implementation as well as the scientific discussion is far more advanced. To support the approach, assessment instruments are required. A widespread and recognised tool is the Recovery Self Assessment Scale(More)
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