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Blood-lead concentrations (Pb-B) were measured in 318 adult inpatients with chronic liver diseases. The Pb-B was highest (387 +/- 96 micrograms/l) in 102 patients with alcoholic liver disease without cirrhosis. The Pb-B was still high, but significantly lower in 60 patients with compensated alcoholic cirrhosis (342 +/- 100 micrograms/l) and in 72 patients(More)
Blood lead concentration (Pb-B), aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD), and gamma-GT were measured in 265 workers industrially exposed to lead and in 184 patients with liver disease resulting from alcohol consumption. The first group was divided according to alcohol use, i.e., nondrinkers, moderate drinkers, and heavy drinkers. The second group was divided(More)
Induction of hyperlipemia by high carbohydrate intake has been studied in 20 atherosclerotics. It appeared to be a fairly infrequent occurrence, being successful in only 25% of the patients studied. Induction was positive in 22% of the subjects with normal fasting lipid levels and in 60% of those with type IV hyperlipemia; it failed in the 6 patients with(More)
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