Gianfranco Minotta

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The minirhizotron technique was used to study the temporal dynamics of fine roots (diameter ≤2 mm) over a twelve-month period in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) and narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus oxyphylla Bieb.) trees growing in clay soil. The experiment was conducted in an eight-year-old mixed hardwood plantation established in northern Italy's Po(More)
Norway spruce seedlings (Picea abies Karst.) were grown in low light for one year, under conditions of adequate and limiting nutrition, then transferred to high light. Three months after transfer we measured photosynthesis, leaf nitrogen concentration, leaf chlorophyll concentration and leaf mass per area (LMA) of current-year and 1-year-old shoots;(More)
Data collected from 183 poplar and 102 willow SRC experimental plots, located in Central-North Italy, were subjected to stepwise regression analysis to acquire information on the environmental factors affecting plant survival and productivity in the first two-year rotation cycle. Nine Populus ×canadensis Mönch, eight P. deltoids Bartr. clones and four(More)
 Effects of changing light conditions on the ecophysiological condition behind survival were examined on beech from two different populations. Plants were grown in a greenhouse under simulated understorey and canopy gap light conditions. Upon exposure to high light maximum photosynthesis of shade-acclimated leaves increased followed by a reduction over(More)
The current timber production in Italy covers only 20 % of the national demand. The national timber industry has been trying to increase the domestic production of sliced veneer logs from indigenous broadleaved species, which are largely employed by the furniture and interior design industry. The present work shows for the first time the results concerning(More)
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