Gianfranco La Rocca

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Knowledge based engineering (KBE) is a relatively young technology with an enormous potential for engineering design applications. Unfortunately the amount of dedicated literature available to date is quite low and dispersed. This has not promoted the diffusion of KBE in the world of industry and academia, neither has it contributed to enhancing the level(More)
Nowadays designers need a technology that enables them to virtually access their ideas, model the multidisciplinary aspect of a product, manipulate geometry and related knowledge, and investigate multiple design options and configurations. Time efficiency and confidence in the quality of results are two factors which must both be taken into account.(More)
Multidisciplinary Design and Optimisation (MDO) is acknowledged as the design methodology with the largest potential for helping aircraft industry pushing further the limits of current design. Nevertheless, large part of this potential is at date still unexploited. The difficulties associated with the management of the design process across distributed(More)
There is a significant increase in volume and complexity of electrical wiring in today’s aircraft programs. This is illustrated by comparing the total wire length of the Airbus A380 (530 km [1]) with the Airbus A340 (300 km [2]) and the Boeing 747-400 (274 km [3]). The increase in volume is caused by the introduction of new electrical systems and the(More)
In the current design process of complex products, such as aircraft, road vehicles, etc. (as well as their subsystems and related manufacturing hardware), there is a strong imbalance between the time absorbed by lengthy and repetitive activities and the limited time left for the investigation of multiple and innovative configurations, and what-if scenarios.(More)
Aim of the EC sponsored project ‘Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization of Blended Wing-Bodies’ is the development and application of a fully integrated Computer Design Engine (CDE). TU Delft contributed to the project with the development of a Blended Wing-Body Multi-Model Generator, which is able to supply geometries and data to the analysis software,(More)
In order to remain competitive with respect to low-cost overseas markets, domestic moldmakers will have to increase the productivity of their engineers and maintain high quality standard, while dealing with the problem of an aging workforce. To increase the competitiveness of the European automotive industry, the concept of and Integrated Design and(More)
The Product Development Process (PDP) of manufacturing companies requires the efficient management of huge amounts of data from different sources and their integration in the sub-processes that compose the product development chain. This is a very challenging endeavor for which an integrated approach does not yet exist. The EC FP7 Project iProd aims at(More)
As the complexity of high-tech systems continuously increases, engineers look for possibilities to reduce time and cost of the development of these systems. Architecture- based design enables a front-loaded design process with knowledge reuse. By enabling the automatic synthesis of simulation models, different configurations of an architecture can be(More)
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