Gianfranco Frau

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MMsINC ( is a database of non-redundant, richly annotated and biomedically relevant chemical structures. A primary goal of MMsINC is to guarantee the highest quality and the uniqueness of each entry. MMsINC then adds value to these entries by including the analysis of crucial chemical properties, such as ionization(More)
In recent years, the experimental aspects of the laboratory activities have been growing in complexity in terms of amount and diversity of data produced, equipment used, of computer-based workflows needed to process and analyze the raw data generated. To enhance the level of quality control over the laboratory activities and efficiently handle the large(More)
MMSinc is a database of commercially available compounds. It currently contains over 4 million /non-redundant/ chemical compounds in 3D format. The whole database was studied in term of uniqueness, diversity, frameworks, chemical reactivity, drug-like and lead-like properties. There are more than 175.000 frameworks in our database. There are 3.89 millions(More)
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