Gianfranco Fenu

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We propose a method for trajectory classification based on a general cluster-based methodology, that can be used both off-line in an unsupervised fashion, both on-line, classifying new trajectories or part of them. We use the Earth Mover's Distance (EMD) and we adapt it in order to employ it as a tool for trajectory clustering. We propose a novel effective(More)
Approximate model predictive control laws for constrained nonlinear discrete-time systems: analysis and offline design G. Pin, M. Filippo, F.A. Pellegrino, G. Fenu & T. Parisini a Electrolux Professional S.p.A., Vallenoncello, 33170, Italy b Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Trieste, Italy c Department of Electrical and Electronic(More)
In the past years within the steel industry a growing emphasis has been put on fully automatic production lines with a high degree of reliability. The main challenge in designing of these systems is to foster the production process efficiency while improving operators working condition and maintaining the same proper safety level. The CESAR project aims at(More)
We present new results in trajectory clustering, obtained by extending a recent methodology based on Earth Mover's Distance (EMD). The EMD can be adapted as a tool for trajectory clustering, taking advantage of an effective method for identifying the clusters' representatives by means of the p-median location problem. This methodology can be used either in(More)
Given a static plant described by a differentiable input-output function, which is completely unknown, but whose Jacobian takes values in a known polytope in the matrix space, this paper considers the problem of tuning (i.e., driving to a desired value) the output, by suitably choosing the input. It is shown that, if the polytope is robustly nonsingular (or(More)
We consider the problem of tuning the output of a static plant whose model is unknown, under the only information that the input-output function is monotonic in each component or, more in general, that its Jacobian belongs to a known polytope of matrices. As a main result, we show that, if the polytope is robustly non-singular (or has full rank, in the(More)
The development of advanced solar thermal parabolic trough collectors fields for electrical power generation calls for the conception of simple but effective temperature control strategies capable to cope with the nonlinearities and the uncertainties that typically affect this kind of plants, which are mainly due to the variability of thermal and optical(More)