Gianfranco Cason

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Urban-rural differences in psychotropic drug prescribing were examined by comparing data from general practices in two contrasting areas of northern Italy. Patients attending the urban doctors were 1.5 times more likely to be prescribed a psychotropic drug than their rural counterparts. We also explored urban-rural differences in factors influencing(More)
The considerable amount of time that medical students spend in clinical encounters with patients implies an expectation of many educators and clinicians, based on little reported research, that cognitive knowledge will increase as a result. In this study, 119 junior medical students were assigned to various paediatric subspecialty clinics. Using a(More)
The proposed theory provides a basis for both measuring and correcting rater stringency error in some grossly incomplete rating data matrices. The theoretical model fit (R = .92, .85, .82; joint p less than .000001) ratings made by faculty and resident physicians (n = 47, 31, and 29) of student clinical performance in each of three junior year medical(More)
The clinical skills of sophomore medical students at the University of Arkansas are being assessed through the use of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This exam was developed in order to better standardize the evaluation of practical clinical skills. The exam uses standardized patients, who are lay people trained to accurately and(More)
A quasi-experimental study was conducted to examine the effects of information about an impending threatening event (barium enema) on subjects' expectations and the intensity of their emotional response to the event. Twenty subjects were assigned to one of two information conditions: sensation of procedure. Prior to receiving any information, all subjects(More)