Gianfranco Beltrami

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BACKGROUND Several authors have analyzed the incidence of injuries in a given sport, but only a few have examined the exposure-related incidence of injuries in different types of sports using the same methodology. PURPOSE Analysis of the incidence, circumstances, and characteristics of injuries in different team sports during the 2004 Olympic Games. (More)
OBJECTIVES Data of Literature suggest that age is not an independent risk factor for adverse drug reactions (ADR), while there is evidence of a positive correlation between ADR and the number of drug taken. To investigate if that is true, we have examined the occurrence of ADR in elderly patients admitted to our Geriatric Department in the first nine months(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, the pandemic explosion of obesity has led to the definition of a pre-eminent therapeutic role for bariatric surgery, confining physical activity to a success parameter of surgery rather than a primary prevention measure. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role for aerobic physical activity (road running) in strengthening(More)
Age-related physiological changes alter drug responsiveness in the elderly. The changes of pharmacokinetics are widely known but they do not explain completely the altered drug action in the elderly. In this work the authors deal with the alterations of pharmacodynamics which could be responsible for the different pharmacological action and the high(More)