Gianetan Singh Sekhon

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Digital image processing is one of the most researched fields nowadays. The ever increasing need of surveillance systems has further on made this field the point of emphasis. Surveillance systems are used for security reasons, intelligence gathering and many individual needs. Object tracking and detection is one of the main steps in these systems. Different(More)
This paper presents simple and efficient modified line growing stereo matching algorithm using region based segmentation which focuses on removal of ambiguous pixels in segmented region. Modified line growing stereo matching (MLG) algorithm is developed for extraction depth information from two colored stereo image set. A hybrid median filter is used for(More)
Hand Gesture recognition and Human Computer Interaction is an open research problem as the main purpose behind gesture recognition research is to identify a particular human gesture by computer. Hand gesture recognition based man-machine interface is being currently developed and researched upon both by industry and academia. In this paper, we develop a(More)
A major problem in voice communication is the production of echo created on account of reflection of sound from the surroundings reflectors/obstacles. The goal of this paper is to present the LMS algorithm (an adaptive algorithm) for the echo cancellation which provides better results than the previous work. The simulations of the cancellation of echo are(More)
Detection of changes is an important tool to predict content changes in images. Its importance is found in the applications of video surveillance, coding, analysis and editing. Patient monitoring systems suffer from many kind of problems such as: lost of information, manual system and large number of patients with less staff in both local and foreign(More)
This paper presents a ball catching robotic arm system with 3DOF assembled from the commercially available parts. In the previous research work complex system were designed. We have designed a very simple arm and take the results of catching ball at different angles i.e we throw the ball towards robotic arm at different angles (40°,45°,50°(More)
This paper presents the implementation of method of shape recognition among different regular geometrical shapes using morphological operations. Many algorithms have been proposed for this problem but the major issue that has been enlightened in this paper is over segmentation dodging among different objects. After an introduction to shape recognition(More)