Gianetan Singh Sekhon

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w w w . i j c s t . c o m Abstract Image de-noising has become an essential task for many researchers, in Image processing. Mainly ultrasound images contain speckle noise which degrades the quality of the images. Eliminating such kind of noise is an important preprocessing task. In this paper, a hybrid method is proposed for removing speckle noise from the(More)
This paper presents the implementation of method of shape recognition among different regular geometrical shapes using morphological operations. Many algorithms have been proposed for this problem but the major issue that has been enlightened in this paper is over segmentation dodging among different objects. After an introduction to shape recognition(More)
Digital image processing is one of the most researched fields nowadays. The ever increasing need of surveillance systems has further on made this field the point of emphasis. Surveillance systems are used for security reasons, intelligence gathering and many individual needs. Object tracking and detection is one of the main steps in these systems. Different(More)
w w w . i j c s t . c o m InternatIonal Journal of Computer SCIenCe & teChnology 327 Abstract Surface reconstruction is to find a surface from a given finite set of geometric sample values. In many applications, the sample values are points. Reverse engineering of geometric shapes is the process of converting a large number of measured data points into a(More)
This paper presents a ball catching robotic arm system with 3DOF assembled from the commercially available parts. In the previous research work complex system were designed. We have designed a very simple arm and take the results of catching ball at different angles i.e we throw the ball towards robotic arm at different angles (40°,45°,50°(More)
Underwater sensor networks are envisioned to enable a broad category of underwater applications such as pollution tracking, offshore exploration, and oil spilling. Such applications require precise location information as otherwise the sensed data might be meaningless. On the other hand, security critical issue as underwater sensor networks are typically(More)