Giandomenico Pozza

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BACKGROUND Corticosteroids are illegally used in several countries as growth promoters in veal calves and beef cattle, either alone or in association with sex steroids and β-agonists, especially at low dosages and primarily through oral administration, in order to enhance carcasses and meat quality traits. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the(More)
BACKGROUND Ontologies are widely used both in the life sciences and in the management of public and private companies. Typically, the different offices in an organization develop their own models and related ontologies to capture specific tasks and goals. Although there might be an overall coordination, the use of distinct ontologies can jeopardize the(More)
Recently, the effect of illicit growth promoters (GPs) upon the cattle transcriptome has drawn the increasing attention of the scientific community. In the present study, the pre-transcriptional effects of three different illicit protocols on a set of target genes, including steroidogenic enzymes and three related transcription factors, were estimated in(More)
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