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This paper presents a review of the most important features of the Shorted Annular Patch antennas. These radiators have several mechanical and electrical advantages with respect to other microstrip geometries. In particular, the presence of the short in the central zone of the antenna provides increased radiation flexibility which permits to control the(More)
In the past years, ESA has been considering the use of the () Global Positioning System GPS as a medium-accuracy attitude sensor for low-earth-orbit missions. This paper describes the design of a compact GPS antenna with impro¨ed multipath rejection to counteract the effects of the spurious reflections. In particular, a shorted annular patch that is a(More)
The design of reflectarrays is a complex and time-consuming process that very often relies on a trial-and-error approach. In this article, a simplified analysis based on a commercial simulator is proposed. This method, valid for both passive and active antennas, uses a simulator to characterize the single radiating cell and evaluates the contribution of the(More)
—In this paper, empirical relations for the evaluation of both the resonant frequency f r and the quality factor Q for the dominant T M 010 mode of a circular substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity resonator are proposed and validated. These formulas are based on well established analytical expressions valid for the case of circular metallic cavity(More)
In this paper, an innovative design for on-chip 8×8 Butler matrix in SiGe BiCMOS technology is proposed. The proposed component is designed for 24 GHz radar applications and it is implemented using the BiCMOS9MW ST Microelectronic process, which is a standard 0.09-μm SiGe BiCMOS technology. An innovative approach was taken into account by(More)
In this work, a hybrid neural model (HNM) able to characterize accurately the dispersion behavior of the fundamental T E 10 mode of a single layer SIW waveguide, is developed. The HNM combines the analytical expression that models the dispersion characteristics of this guiding structure, with a Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network (MLPNN) which operates as(More)
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