Giancarlo Santus

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We interviewed 120 elderly hemiplegic patients 1 year after their acute stroke to assess cognitive impairment using the Mini-Mental State Examination, functional autonomy using the Barthel Index, mood disorders using the Hamilton Rating Depression Scale, and social integration using the Social Functioning Exam. Of the 76 patients admitted to this study,(More)
A new class of hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S)-donating hybrids combined with pharmacologically active compounds is presented in this article. The pharmacological profiles of some hybrid lead compounds in the areas of inflammation, H(2)S-donating diclofenac (ACS 15); cardiovascular, H(2)S-donating aspirin (ACS 14); urology, H(2)S-donating sildenafil (ACS 6); and(More)
The authors studied the microorganisms found in urocultures of three groups of elderly patients giving an exact map of the microbiology and epidemiology of the urinary tract infections of elderly patients. They shown also the calibrated loop seeding method as the most efficient to evaluate low bacterial concentration in urines which in these patients are(More)
This study evaluates the prevalence and clinical significance of the main neurological diseases in 246 hospitalized elderly patients with hip fracture, who have to undergo rehabilitative treatment. Eighty-three patients already had clinically noticeable neurological diseases before fracture; they were compared to other components the survey. As for the type(More)
Recurrent herpes simplex labialis represents a disease still difficult to treat, despite the availability of many established antiviral drugs used in clinical research since 30 years ago. Although differences between the human disease and that obtained in experimental animal suggest caution in predicting an effective clinical response from the experimental(More)
The acid phosphatase activity has been studied cytochemically in bone marrow plasma cells of 12 patients with multiple myeloma and 15 with non-myeloma plasmocytosis. The acid phosphatase activity has been significantly higher in the myeloma group. The utilization and usefulness of this cytochemical reaction for the diagnosis of multiple myeloma are proposed.
AIM The patients of a Rehabilitation Department are at high risk of nosocomial infections because they generally have a long term hospitalisation and more and more frequently immune-compromised subjects, like old patients or with chronic illness, are admitted to rehabilitation programs. However, to evaluate the real infectious risk of a Rehabilitation Unit,(More)
A pleural localisation of Salmonella cholerae suis infection is described in a patient with breast carcinoma. The evolution of neoplastic disease seems to be more slow after salmonellosis. On the basis of this case the most important mechanisms between immunity and tumors are discussed.