Giancarlo Ripamonti

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We present a linear method for the estimation of the occurrence time of events, based on a FIR digital filter running on a fixed-point digital signal processor. The necessity to perform a division in the elaboration flow required the development of an innovative high-precision and fast division technique.
A method for measuring time intervals accurate to the picosecond range is based on phase measurements of oscillating waveforms synchronous with their beginning and/or end. The oscillation is generated by triggering an LC resonant circuit, whose capacitance is precharged. By using high Q resonators and a final active quenching of the oscillation, it is(More)
An innovative algorithm aimed to sequence of numbers generation according to a programmable statistical distribution is presented. Main features of the technique are high efficiency, low requirements in terms of implementation resources and high generation rate. Possible applications range from scientific simulations to system testing setups. In particular(More)
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