Giancarlo Raiconi

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MOTIVATION The huge growth in gene expression data calls for the implementation of automatic tools for data processing and interpretation. RESULTS We present a new and comprehensive machine learning data mining framework consisting in a non-linear PCA neural network for feature extraction, and probabilistic principal surfaces combined with an(More)
In this work a comprehensive multi-step machine learning data mining and data visualization framework is introduced. The different steps of the approach are: preprocessing, clustering, and visualization. A preprocessing based on a Robust Principal Component Analysis Neural Network for feature extraction of unevenly sampled data is used. Then a Probabilistic(More)
Complex diseases are multifactorial traits caused by both genetic and environmental factors. They represent the major part of human diseases and include those with largest prevalence and mortality (cancer, heart disease, obesity, etc.). Despite a large amount of information that has been collected about both genetic and environmental risk factors, there are(More)
Multiple high-throughput molecular profiling by omics technologies can be collected for the same individuals. Combining these data, rather than exploiting them separately, can significantly increase the power of clinically relevant patients subclassifications. We propose a multi-view approach in which the information from different data layers (views) is(More)
In the last decade, the use of neural networks (NN) and of other soft computing methods has begun to spread also in the astronomical community which, due to the required accuracy of the measurements, is usually reluctant to use automatic tools to perform even the most common tasks of data reduction and data mining. The federation of heterogeneous large(More)