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ARPA Emilia Romagna created, in 1997, a regional network for the continuous monitoring of the mutagenicity of PM(2.5) by short-term mutagenicity bioassays to guarantee a constant surveillance on the entire regional territory. The continuous monitoring of the PM mutagenicity provides essential information for a better understanding of the impact of air(More)
This paper reports the feasibility study of a novel passive tag for μRFID applications in the worldwide available free 60-GHz band. The feasibility analysis indicates that a passive fully-integrated μRFID tag, with on-chip antenna, can be realized in 65-nm SOI CMOS technology at 60 GHz with an operating range of about 20 cm. The 65-nm SOI CMOS(More)
Urban particulate matter (PM) is an environmental public health concern as it has been classified by the IARC as carcinogenic to humans (group 1) and it's well known that pollutants are more associated with the finest fractions of PM. In this study we characterize urban aerosol in Bologna, county town of Emilia-Romagna in the north of Italy, collecting(More)
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