Giancarlo Mazzoleni

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The sense of taste was studied in a group of 20 centenarians from Eastern Sicily, displaying a mini mental state examination (MMSE) score higher than 19. Control subjects were 20 adult (mean age 27.7 +/- 3.2 years) and 20 elderly subjects (mean age 71.3 +/- 5.5 years). Although it has been revealed that centenarians retain considerably the capacity to(More)
OBJECTIVE HLA antigens influence tumour growth and spreading, but the mechanism is still unclear. Increased serum levels of beta2-microglobulin (beta2MG) have been found in several chronic inflammatory and tumour diseases. The aim of the present study was to analyse the relationship between serum beta2MG levels and some markers of tumour progression, to(More)
Multiple pathologies are characteristic for the elderly. We evaluated the prevalence of multiple pathologies in 28 randomly selected centenarians living in Eastern Sicily and compared the data with those obtained in another random group of 28 control subjects over 80 years of age. It has been revealed that 25% of the centenarians suffered from 0-3(More)
AIMS In diabetics, acarbose causes a reduction of blood glucose and triglyceride levels. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of this drug in non diabetic subjects with hypertriglyceridaemia. METHODS Thirty non diabetic patients with hypertriglyceridaemia type IIb or IV (24 males, six females; mean age 51.1+/-10.2 years) were studied. They were(More)
Many researchers have attempted to identify the drugs capable of acting on the viral replication cycle and maintaining clinical remission in chronic hepatitis B. We evaluated the efficacy of antiviral drugs in chronic hepatitis B, by examination of 20 controlled and non-controlled trials conducted between 1985 and 1996. In chronic hepatitis B, adenine(More)
The conflicting results regarding the study of motor laterality in horses may indicate that there does not exist a proper method to assess the degree and the direction of motor bias in these animals. Unfortunately, even less is known about the development of laterality in horses, and to what extent early manipulations can still exert their effects in(More)
The sense of smell was studied in a group of centenarians from Eastern Sicily, displaying a mini mental state examination score larger than 19. Analysis of the data demonstrated that centenarians retain the capacity to perceive olfactory stimuli. However, as compared to the results obtained in groups of young and elderly subjects, a statistically(More)
Studies were carried out using the mini mental state examination (MMSE) and the geriatric depression scale (GDS) in 71 elderly patients, in order to establish eventual correlations between cognitive deficit, depression and multiple pathologies. This examination was part of a multidimensional evaluation involving patients over 65 years of age hospitalized in(More)