Giancarlo Martignoni

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PURPOSE Adjuvant systemic chemotherapy administered after surgical resection of colorectal cancer metastases may reduce the risk of recurrence and improve survival, but its benefit has never been demonstrated. Two phase III trials (Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive [FFCD] Trial 9002 and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of(More)
Es wird über 3 Familien mit hereditärem angioneurotischem Ödem berichtet. Die Serum-C $$\bar l$$ -INH- und C4-Spiegel wurden bei 23 Familienmitgliedern immunochemisch bestimmt: Bei 6 Personen mit typischen Symptomen von HANE und einem Familienmitglied ohne Krankheitserscheinungen wurden niedrige C $$\bar l$$ -INH- und C4-Spiegel gefunden. Vergleichsweise(More)
Progress in medical science, technology and the multidisciplinary approach over the last half century has made it possible for people to live longer and to remain in good physical condition [1]. However, these benefits are sometimes only physical. Many studies have demonstrated that although patients are grateful for restored physical health, they have(More)
Prophylactic treatment with antifibrinolytic agents, epsilon-aminocaproic and tranexamic acid, reduces the incidence and severity of attacks in patients with hereditary angioedema. Long-term effectiveness or risk of antifibrinolytic agents has not been established. Sixteen patients needing continuous prophylaxis because of frequency and severity of attacks(More)
Treatment with 17 alpha-methyltestosterone and with some synthetic androgens prevents attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE). However, the potential hepatotoxicity of 17 alpha-alkylated androgens raises the problem of long-term prophylactic use of these agents. Therefore we compared the efficacy in preventing HAE attacks of 17 alpha-alkylated steroids(More)
Serum C1 esterase inhibitor was determined in 138 members of 18 italian families with hereditary angioedema by immunochemical and enzymatic assays. On the basis of quantitative and functional findings, the type A of hereditary angioedema was diagnosed in 44 subjects, and the type B in 15. Some technical devices concerning serum sample handling were(More)
The "Misura" project is a retrospective survey, with the aim to evaluate how 5FU is used in the treatment of colorectal cancer in clinical practice in Italian oncology departments. Twenty-four centers participated. Patients seen in the second half of 1998 with colorectal cancer and treated with 5FU were analyzed. Observed patients were 664, 45.9% of(More)