Giancarlo Gavioli

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This paper describes the technical aspects of optical access solutions for mobile fronthaul application. The mobile context and main constraints of fronthaul signals are presented. The need for a demarcation point between the Mobile operator and the Fiber provider is introduced. The optical solution to achieve such a network is discussed. A WDM network with(More)
Digital signal processing (DSP) combined with a phase and polarization diverse coherent receiver is a promising technology for future optical networks. Not only can the DSP be used to remove the need for dynamic polarization control, but also it may be utilized to compensate for nonlinear and linear transmission impairments. In this paper we present results(More)
For decades, optical networks have provided larger bandwidths than could be utilized, but with the increasing growth of the global Internet traffic demand, new optical transmission technologies are required to provide a much higher data rate per channel and to enable more flexibility in the allocation of traffic flow. Currently, researchers are(More)
Due to the increasing traffic demand and coverage requirements in the access domain, Long-Reach Passive Optical Network (LR-PON) using hybrid TDM/WDM techniques represents a promising candidate solution. The hybrid multiplexing allows an efficient use of wavelengths' capacity through sharing among several users in the time domain. However, it is still an(More)
An empirical phase noise channel model suitable for performance evaluation of high spectrally efficient modulations in 100G long-haul coherent optical transmission systems using polarization-division multiplexed and wavelength-division multiplexing channels is presented. The derivation of the model is worked out by exploiting the similarity between the(More)
We experimentally investigate the effect of self-phase modulation on direct-detection orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) transmission at 11.1 Gb/s over 960km and 1600km uncompensated standard single-mode fiber links. We show that for long-haul systems, the penalties due to nonlinear distortion in OFDM systems are comparable to those in links(More)
We propose a network-embedded colorless self-tuning transmitter for wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) networks based on self-seeding in reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers (RSOAs). We compare up to a 10-Gb/s data rate in either O-band or C-band operation. In particular, the transmitter exploits a two-Faraday rotator configuration to ensure(More)
The impact of varying the phase relationship between adjacent OTDM channels is investigated in 80 Gbit/s transmission experimentally and numerically. A fiber-based coherent multiplexer is proposed for OTDM experiments - a phase shifter in the multiplexer and an external phase control circuit are used to set and maintain the phase difference. It is(More)