Giancarlo Gatti

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Two crystal forms of the multi-copper protein ascorbate oxidase from Zucchini have been analysed at 2.5 A (1 A = 0.1 nm) resolution and a model of the polypeptide chain and the copper ions and their(More)
The structures of the tetrasaccharide (beta-D-glucuronic acid)1 leads to 4 (N-sulfate-3,6-di-0-sulfate-alpha-D-glucosamine)1 leads to 4(2-0-sulfate-alpha-L-iduronic acid)1 leads to(More)
1 The time-course of quinidine plasma concentrations and selected kinetic parameters were studied in healthy male volunteers given single oral doses of four different quinidine formulations.(More)
Calsequestrin (CSQ), the major low-affinity Ca(2+)-binding glycoprotein of striated muscle fibers, is concentrated to yield aggregates that occupy the lumen of the terminal cisternae of the(More)