Giancarlo Falcioni

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BACKGROUND The vast majority of the population around the world has always used medicinal plants as first source of health care to fight infectious and non infectious diseases. Most of these medicinal plants may have scientific evidence to be considered in general practice. OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to investigate the antioxidant capacities and(More)
PURPOSE P66Shc, an isoform of adaptor proteins, is known to mediate various signals including those leading to apoptosis or cell proliferation. Previously, we have shown that diallyl trisulfide (DATS)-induced prostate cancer cell death was mediated by increased ROS formation. In this study, we investigated the role of p66Shc protein and its serine 36(More)
This work reports on studies concerning with the interaction of important environmental contaminants, such as organotins, with model and biological systems. Organometallic compounds are synthesized and used for applications in industry and agriculture. Moreover, some organometallics can be directly formed in the environment by the action of microbial agents(More)
The kinetics of CO binding to the horse myoglobin fragment Mb-(32-139), the so-called "mini-Mb," were investigated by laser flash photolysis in 0.1 M phosphate buffer and in buffer with 75% (vol/vol) glycerol. The reaction displays complex time courses that can be approximated satisfactorily only with a sum of five exponentials. The features of the kinetic(More)
O(2)carriers (extracellular and intracellular as well as monomeric and multimeric) have evolved over the last billion of years, displaying iron and copper reactive centers; very different O(2)carriers may co-exist in the same organism. Circulating O(2)carriers, faced to the external environment, are responsible for maintaining an adequate delivery of O(2)to(More)
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