Giancarlo Bausano

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Severe constipation often follows spinal cord injury. The aim of this study was to evaluate transit of contents through the large bowel in patients with paraplegia after a complete transverse lesion of the spinal cord. Transit through the right colon, left colon, and rectum was evaluated in 11 patients (eight males, 3 females; 17 to 63 years old) and data(More)
After a two-week basal period, 24 patients were randomly allocated to receive, with a crossover double-blind design, for two consecutive four-week periods, bran (20 g/24 hr) or placebo. The daily intake of water and dietary fibers was standardized. Symptomatology, oroanal transit time, bowel frequency, and stool weight were assessed in basal conditions and(More)
In patients with constipation the prevalence of melanosis in rectal biopsies was evaluated in an attempt to correlate its occurrence with laxative consumption and intestinal stasis. Melanosis was present in 58 percent of the patients and in none of a control group. Melanosis was present in 73.4 percent of patients consuming anthracene laxatives and in 26.6(More)
Rectal sensitivity is often reduced in patients affected by chronic constipation, but it is not known whether this alteration differs according to the severity and the site(s)of the slowing of gastrointestinal transit. Moreover, it is not known whether alteration precedes or follows bowel complaints. In this study, perception of intrarectal distension was(More)
We looked at laxative consumption and its relationship to bowel habits, total gastrointestinal transit time (TGITT), and symptoms in patients with chronic nonorganic constipation. Of the patients, 87.9% used laxative, 30% habitually. Laxative intake increased with age, so that habitual consumption was more frequent in patients with long-standing (greater(More)
This study aims at investigating the effect of an experimental period of intake of whole grain foods rich in lignans as part of an habitual diet on the plasma and urinary excretion of enterolignans, the biomarkers of lipid metabolism and the immunological and antioxidant status in a group of postmenopausal women with moderate serum cholesterol. A randomized(More)
A survey was made on a sample of Italian practitioners to evaluate the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to arterial hypertension. A questionnaire was distributed containing thirteen questions, that was personally completed and restituted by 919 physicians. The first datum that was evidenced was that the hypertensive patient observed by the practitioner(More)
Several observational and experimental studies have proved polyunsaturated fatty acids N-3 (N-3 PUFA) beneficial effects.The first to be detected was the ipolipidic effect so these drugs have been used for the treatment of dislipidemic disorders, while antinflammatory, antithrombotic and antiarrhythmogenic effects have been found later. GISSI-Prevenzione(More)