Giancarlo Bartolucci

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A GaAs micromachined uniplanar quasi-optical mixer is presented for the first time. The main block of the circuit is a membrane-supported double folded slot antenna monolithically integrated with a millimeter-wave Schottky diode. The circuit is designed for the 38 GHz frequency range, using coplanar waveguide technology and full-wave electromagnetic(More)
In this work, carbon nanotube (CNT) based interconnections and switches will be reviewed, discussing the possibility to use nanotubes as potential building blocks for signal routing in microwave networks. In particular, theoretical design of coplanar waveguide (CPW), micro‐strip single‐pole‐single‐throw (SPST) and(More)
A design method for the balanced Composite Righ-/Left-Handed (CRLH) is proposed and validated numerically. The method is developed for a CRLH equivalent circuit which takes into account the resonance frequency of the series capacitors, while the parallel resonator is specified by its admittance which may be particularized for any practical implementation.(More)
An oscillator based on distributed amplifier realized by using CRLH (Composite Right-/Left-Handed) unit cells is designed and experimentally validated. The positive feedback consists of a transmission line which connects the input port and drain idle port of the amplifier. The remaining two ports of the distributed amplifier are the oscillator output ports.(More)
Charge accumulation in dielectrics solicited by an applied voltage, and the associated temperature and time dependencies are well known in scientific literature since a number of years [1]. The potential utilization of materials being part of a device useful for space applications is a serious issue because of the harsh environmental conditions and the(More)
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