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OBJECTIVE Wind farm developments have been hampered by claims that sound from wind turbines causes symptoms and negative health reports in nearby residents. As scientific reviews have failed to identify a plausible link between wind turbine sound and health effects, psychological expectations have been proposed as an explanation for health complaints.(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of new wind farms in many parts of the world has been thwarted by public concern that subaudible sound (infrasound) generated by wind turbines causes adverse health effects. Although the scientific evidence does not support a direct pathophysiological link between infrasound and health complaints, there is a body of lay information(More)
An attempt to record speech signals using an array of directional microphones carried by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is reported. The speech enhancement algorithm estimates the power spectral densities (PSD) of the target speech and rotor noise which are used to calculate a Wiener filter for extracting the target speech. The calculated Wiener filter is(More)
BACKGROUND Annoyance reactions to environmental noise, such as wind turbine sound, have public health implications given associations between annoyance and symptoms related to psychological distress. In the case of wind farms, factors contributing to noise annoyance have been theorised to include wind turbine sound characteristics, the noise sensitivity of(More)
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