Gian Piero Zarri

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Gian Piero Zarri's book summarizes more than a decade of his research on knowledge representation for narrative text. The centerpiece of Zarri's work is the Narrative Knowledge Representation Language (NKRL), which he describes and compares to other competing theories. In addition, he discusses how to model the meaning of narrative text by giving many(More)
This paper outlines the result of the discussions that took place at the Ninth Knowledge Acquisition Workshop in Banff, Canada, in February 1995 (KAW'95). The authors attempt to summarise the current efforts in using the Conceptual Graphs (CGs) for knowledge acquisition and modelling expertise. The work on CGKAT, [KADS]->(ON)->[CG], CG-DESIRE, and MODEL-ECS(More)
Strategic decision making, especially in the areas of business intelligence and competitive intelligence, requires the acquisition of decision-relevant information pieces like market trends, fusions and company values. This information is extracted by pre-processing and querying multiple sources, combining and condensing the findings. It is characteristic(More)
The work presented here is a preliminary sn~y concerning the automatic translation of French natural language statements into the RESEDA semantic metalanguage. The text in natural language is first (pre)processed in order to obtain its syntactic structure. The "semantic parsing" process begins with marking the "triggers", defined as lexical units which call(More)