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—We present a comprehensive fully vectorial model for the cavity eigenmodes of oxide-cofined vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) with the details of their complex structure. It includes device-inherent symmetry-breaking mechanisms like noncircular geometries and material anisotropies related to the elasto-optic and electro-optic effect. The(More)
For an efficient analysis of the coupling characteristics of a multimode fiber device using GRIN rod lenses, it is important to consider both the third-order aberration effects of a GRIN rod lens and the actual source fiber optical power distribution. In this paper the ray tracing technique has been used with a set of point sources representing the extended(More)
A complete model to evaluate frequency conversion that is due to highly nondegenerate four-wave mixing in Fabry-Perot laser oscillators is presented; propagation effects are taken into account. Simplified expressions are obtained in the limit of perfectly reflecting mirrors that permit analytical solutions; they are in good agreement with the results of the(More)
We report the onset of wave chaos in a real-world vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. In a joint experimental and modeling approach we demonstrate that a small deformation in one layer of the complicated laser structure changes the emission properties qualitatively. Based on the analysis of the spatial emission profiles and spectral eigenvalue spacing(More)
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