Gian Marco Palamara

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Forecasts of ecological dynamics in changing environments are increasingly important, and are available for a plethora of variables, such as species abundance and distribution, community structure and ecosystem processes. There is, however, a general absence of knowledge about how far into the future, or other dimensions (space, temperature, phylogenetic(More)
In this work we analyze the topological and dynamical properties of a simple model of complex food webs, namely the niche model. We describe the system as an oriented weighted graph and we assign a Lotka-Volterra population dynamics on the structure created by the niche model. After this we introduce " predators " and " prey " weighted graphs from which we(More)
Methods for predicting the probability and timing of a species' extinction are typically based on single species population dynamics. Assessments of extinction risk often lack effects of interspecific interactions. We study a birth and death process in which the death rate includes an effect of predation. Predation is included via a general nonlinear(More)
Invasive species are a serious threat to biodiversity worldwide and predicting whether an introduced species will first establish and then become invasive can be useful to preserve ecosystem services. Establishment is influenced by multiple factors, such as the interactions between the introduced individuals and the resident community, and demographic and(More)
Author contributions: CNdS and CJM designed the study and drafted the initial model. CNdS and JK implemented the model. All authors analyzed the data and contributed substantially to initial draft and revisions of the manuscript.. CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license peer-reviewed) is the author/funder. It is made available under a The copyright holder for(More)
Understanding and quantifying the temperature dependence of population parameters, such as intrinsic growth rate and carrying capacity, is critical for predicting the ecological responses to environmental change. Many studies provide empirical estimates of such temperature dependencies, but a thorough investigation of the methods used to infer them has not(More)
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