Gian Luigi Bendazzoli

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The Li4 cluster low lying electronic states were studied. In particular we investigated the tetrahedral geometry at full CI and coupled cluster level, with basis sets of increasing quality. The (5)A2 electronic state, characterized by having all the valence electrons unpaired, forming a quite stable no-pair bonding state, was studied in greater detail. In(More)
The bond nature in beryllium dimer has been theoretically investigated using high-level ab initio methods. A series of ANO basis sets of increasing quality, going from sp to spdf ghi contractions, has been employed, combined with HF, CAS-SCF, CISD, and MRCI calculations with several different active spaces. The quality of these calculations has been checked(More)
Planar molecular edifices obtained by joining polyacene fragments (polyacene stripes) are investigated at tight-binding (i.e., with a Hückel Hamiltonian) and ab initio level. For this kind of system, it is known that the presence of 60-degree angles between two stripes of the polyacene molecular skeleton induces the formation of singly occupied molecular(More)
The electronic structure of planar molecular edifices obtained by joining polyacene fragments (polyacene stripes) is investigated at tight-binding and ab initio levels. It is shown that the presence of 60° angles in the molecular skeleton induces the formation of singly-occupied molecular orbitals, whose combination gives rise to quasi-degenerate electronic(More)
The behavior of the Total Position Spread (TPS) tensor, which is the second moment cumulant of the total position operator, is investigated in the case of a mixed-valence model system. The system consists of two H2 molecules placed at a distance D. If D is larger than about 4 bohr, the singly ionized system shows a mixed-valence character. It is shown that(More)
The Total Position Spread (TPS) tensor, defined as the second moment cumulant of the position operator, is a key quantity to describe the mobility of electrons in a molecule or an extended system. In the present investigation, the partition of the TPS tensor according to spin variables is derived and discussed. It is shown that, while the spin-summed TPS(More)
The behavior of the Position-Spread Tensor (Λ) in a series of light diatomic molecules (either neutral or negative ions) is investigated at a Full Configuration Interaction level. This tensor, which is the second moment cumulant of the total position operator, is invariant with respect to molecular translations, while its trace is also rotationally(More)
Ab initio quantum-chemistry programs produce and use large amounts of data, which are usually stored on disk in the form of binary files. A FORTRAN library, named Q5Cost, has been designed and implemented in order to allow the storage of these data sets in a special data format built with the HDF5 technology. This data format allows the data to be(More)
The dispersion interactions of the Ne2 dimer were studied using both the long-range perturbative and supramolecular approaches:  for the long-range approach, full CI or string-truncated CI methods were used, while for the supramolecular treatments, the energy curves were computed by using configuration interaction with single and double excitation (CISD),(More)