Gian Luigi Bendazzoli

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The behavior of the Total Position Spread (TPS) tensor, which is the second moment cumulant of the total position operator, is investigated in the case of a mixed-valence model system. The system consists of two H2 molecules placed at a distance D. If D is larger than about 4 bohr, the singly ionized system shows a mixed-valence character. It is shown that(More)
The behavior of the Position-Spread Tensor (Λ) in a series of light diatomic molecules (either neutral or negative ions) is investigated at a Full Configuration Interaction level. This tensor, which is the second moment cumulant of the total position operator, is invariant with respect to molecular translations, while its trace is also rotationally(More)
Code interoperability and the search for domain-specific standard data formats represent critical issues in many areas of computational science. The advent of novel computing infrastructures such as computational grids and clouds make these issues even more urgent. The design and implementation of a common data format for quantum chemistry (QC) and quantum(More)
Ab initio quantum-chemistry programs produce and use large amounts of data, which are usually stored on disk in the form of binary files. A FORTRAN library, named Q5Cost, has been designed and implemented in order to allow the storage of these data sets in a special data format built with the HDF5 technology. This data format allows the data to be(More)
We present a method for the direct generation of the lists of Ž. strings, suited for integral-driven full-CI FCI algorithms. This method generates the string lists each time they are used, and hence sensibly reduces the memory requirements, compared to our previous method that precalculates the lists. It was also extended to permit a truncation of the(More)
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