Gian Luigi Albano

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We investigate ...rms’ incentives for cost reduction in the ...rst price sealed bid auction, a format largely used for procurement. A central feature of the model is that we allow ...rms to be heterogeneous. Though private value ...rst price auctions are not games with monotonic best responses, we ...nd that for comparative statics purposes they behave like(More)
Aid and Migration: An Analysis of the Impact of Progresa on the Timing and Size of Labour Migration This paper models the short and medium-run impact of aid on migration, considering alternatively the effect of unconditional and conditional cash transfers to financially constrained households. Data from the evaluation of a Mexican development program,(More)
Tenurial contracts in agriculture can be an initial source of wealth accumulation for dynasties of poor, credit-constrained individuals. The income from such contracts can be invested in education of o¤spring, who then can …nd work in the formal manufacturing sector. This process allows the economy to develop into a modern economy with a large manufacturing(More)
This paper models the effect of anti-poverty conditional cash transfer programs on labor migration. Their effect on migration depends on both the size and type of transfers. Conditional transfers, where the potential recipient has to comply with some requirement in order to qualify for eligibility, may decrease contemporaneous migration for some households,(More)
This paper argues that governments should pay greater heed to recruitment and retention when designing performance measurement systems for bureaucracies. In the face of pervasive rigidities in public sector pay, internal performance measurement rewards quitters and scars stayers and therefore makes it difficult to recruit and retain. Full and immediate(More)
We consider two ascending auctions for multiple objects: the SEAMO (simultaneous English auction for multiple objects) and the the JAMO (Japanese auction for multiple objects). We first derive a (competitive) Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium of the JAMO by exploiting the strategic equivalence between the JAMO and the Survival Auction which consists of a finite(More)
We propose a structural econometric evaluation for auctions with discrete increments. Although very common in practice, this kind of mechanism raises many theoretical difficulties. First, there are no closed form equilibrium strategies. Thus the econometrician cannot rely on a single formula to build a model. Second, the discrete nature of the outcome(More)