Gian Giacomo Serra Cervetti

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BACKGROUND The authors evaluated body image attitudes in post-obese persons following bariatric surgery who require cosmetic and body contouring operations. METHODS We studied 20 morbidly obese women prior to biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) (OB group), 20 post-obese women at >2 years following BPD (POST group), 10 post-obese women following BPD who(More)
BACKGROUND A review of the results of the standard technique for "batwing" deformity after massive weight loss led to the need to optimize the cost/benefit ratio in terms of maximal correction/less visible scars. METHODS Between 2001 and 2007, 29 patients were operated with a new technique based on a careful preoperative evaluation and markings, followed(More)
BACKGROUND Breast deformities in postbariatric surgery (post-BS) patients are different and more challenging than those from non-BS patients. The histological alterations confer the highest clinical consequences to this area: highest degrees of true ptosis, deflated and flattened glands, and totally inelastic covering tissues. Plastic surgeons need an(More)
The study included 60 patients: 43 suffered from slight portio dysplasia (12 had HPV infection also), while 17 had moderate dysplasia (7 had HPV infections also). The treatment was carried out by self-administration in 3 stages: attack (50 mg of thymopentin by s.c. injection every day for two weeks); maintenance (50 mg of thymopentin by s.c. injection every(More)
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