Gian Giacomo Guerreschi

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The radical-pair mechanism is one of the two main hypotheses to explain the navigability of animals in weak magnetic fields, enabling, e.g., birds to see Earth's magnetic field. It also plays an essential role in spin chemistry. Here, we show how quantum control can be used to either enhance or reduce the performance of such a chemical compass, providing a(More)
Quantum computers are expected to be more efficient in performing certain computations than any classical machine. Unfortunately, the technological challenges associated with building a fullscale quantum computer have not yet allowed the experimental verification of such an expectation. Recently, boson sampling has emerged as a problem that is suspected to(More)
Boson sampling, the task of sampling the probability distribution of photons at the output of a photonic network, is believed to be hard for any classical device. Unlike other models of quantum computation that require thousands of qubits to outperform classical computers, boson sampling requires only a handful of single photons. However, a scalable(More)
Azobenzene is an organic molecule composed of two phenyl rings linked by a N=N double bond, and occurs in two isomeric forms, trans and cis azobenzene, having a stretched, respectively contracted, structure. The synthesis of azobenzene derivatives having different chemical functional groups extending from the phenyl rings is routinely performed [1, 2].(More)
We present an exact quantum algorithm for solving the Exact Satisfiability problem, which is known to belong to the important NP-complete complexity class. The algorithm is based on an intuitive approach that can be divided into two parts: The first step consists in the identification and efficient characterization of a restricted subspace that contains all(More)
The density-density correlation profiles obtained superimposing absorption images from atomic clouds freely expanding after the release of the confining optical lattice can be theoretically described in terms of a generalized quantum measure based on coherentlike states. We show that the corresponding density patterns differ in a testable way from those(More)
We study the dynamics of ultracold atoms trapped in optical double-well potentials in presence of noise generated by an external environment. When prepared in a Fock number state, the system shows phase coherence in the averaged density profile obtained using standard absorption image techniques, that disappears in absence of noise. This effect indicates(More)
s from the YUPER Meeting in Paris: The properties of UPE Marek Rác, Ankush Prasad, Anshu Rastogi, Pavel Pospíšil Despite the fact that the phenomenon of UPE is known for almost a century, the mechanisms behind the emission are still not fully understood. Measurements on U937 cells, clamydomonas and chemical systems prove the emission from both lipids and(More)