Gian Franco Gensini

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Management of Helicobacter pylori infection is evolving and in this 4th edition of the Maastricht consensus report aspects related to the clinical role of H pylori were looked at again in 2010. In the 4th Maastricht/Florence Consensus Conference 44 experts from 24 countries took active part and examined key clinical aspects in three subdivided workshops:(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine whether nonresponsiveness to clopidogrel as revealed by high in vitro post-treatment platelet reactivity is predictive of drug-eluting stent (DES) thrombosis. BACKGROUND No data exist about the impact of nonresponsiveness to clopidogrel on the risk of DES thrombosis. METHODS We conducted a prospective observational(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical impact of platelet aggregation assessed by point-of-care assays is unknown. We sought to evaluate whether high residual platelet reactivity (RPR) to ADP during clopidogrel therapy, measured by a point-of-care assay, predicts adverse clinical events in acute coronary syndrome patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. (More)
BACKGROUND The Mediterranean diet has long been reported to be protective against the occurrence of several different health outcomes. OBJECTIVE We aimed to update our previous meta-analysis of published cohort prospective studies that investigated the effects of adherence to the Mediterranean diet on health status. DESIGN We conducted a comprehensive(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically review all the prospective cohort studies that have analysed the relation between adherence to a Mediterranean diet, mortality, and incidence of chronic diseases in a primary prevention setting. DESIGN Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. DATA SOURCES English and non-English publications in PubMed, Embase, Web of(More)
OBJECTIVE To update previous meta-analyses of cohort studies that investigated the association between the Mediterranean diet and health status and to utilize data coming from all of the cohort studies for proposing a literature-based adherence score to the Mediterranean diet. DESIGN We conducted a comprehensive literature search through all electronic(More)
We developed a novel software tool, EXCAVATOR, for the detection of copy number variants (CNVs) from whole-exome sequencing data. EXCAVATOR combines a three-step normalization procedure with a novel heterogeneous hidden Markov model algorithm and a calling method that classifies genomic regions into five copy number states. We validate EXCAVATOR on three(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of polymorphisms affecting the clopidogrel metabolism (CYP3A4 IVS10+12G/A and CYP2C19*2) and the P2Y12 receptor (P2Y12 T744C) on modulating platelet function in acute coronary syndrome patients on dual antiplatelet treatment. BACKGROUND Residual platelet reactivity (RPR) phenomenon on(More)
BACKGROUND A vast body of evidence during the last decades has shown the clear preventive role of physical activity in cardiovascular disease. The real magnitude of the association between physical activity during leisure time (LTPA) and primary prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) has, however, not been completely defined. DESIGN Meta-analysis of(More)
Left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome (LVABS) is a clinical condition that may mimic ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction (AMI). To assess incidence, clinical findings, and outcome of white women with LVABS, we reviewed 305 consecutive women with chest pain and anterior ST-elevation AMI referred for potential mechanical revascularization; 36 (12%)(More)